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News from Lilley Press
This is the official news LJ of Lilley Press. Please be aware that only staff can become members of the community, but others are more than welcome to watch and comment.

Lilley Press is a Canadian press that specializes in speculative fiction, particularly Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, and Science Fiction. We also accept Mainstream (Contemporary) and Young Adult. We will look at other works as well, but these genres have a greater chance of acceptance. Word length preferred is between 60,000 - 100,000, though will we will accept works as low as 15,000 words and as high as 150,000 words. We do not publish "Fan Fiction" or stories with copyrighted characters, Erotica, Plays, or Poetry.

For more information, read the guidelines on our website.

Membership to the LP LJ is restricted to LP's staff, but everyone else is more than welcome to watch us!

Our Staff
Jeff Johnston, Publisher, jeffthegeek
Sharon Partington, Managing Partner elandryn

Editorial Staff
Michelle E., Content Editor ilyanme
Deena M., Line Editor