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25th-Nov-2008 05:36 am - Worlds of Wonder Announcement
In order to focus more directly on the production and sale of eBooks and print books, Lilley Press has decided to close Worlds of Wonder: A magazine of Speculative Fiction. We would like to offer a multitude of thanks to those amazing authors who have allowed us to feature their stories and worlds in the Zine during it's run, as well as thank the many readers whose loyalty and dedication have made the Zine a pleasure to create. The current issue (October 2008) will be our last, and any stories currently slated for January 2009 are released back to the respective authors, effective immediately. You are now free to submit them to other markets.

We thank you once again for your support over the past four years and wish you all the best in your writing endeavors.
This was written some time ago by Karen Lennon and just somehow never made it up. We apologize to Karen for the very late post of her wonderful review.

Hannah is one of the most delightful and realistic young women I've had the pleasure of meeting in a novel. I was able to identify easily with Hannah, while she was on her journey of discovering her true self; as she battled pain and loss from her past and present. I believe everyone who reads this book will find some of themselves in Hannah as well.

I adored reading "The Still Life of Hannah Morgan". Lora Deeprose's sense of humour is fantastic, from the ironic to the slap stick, it's all in Hannah and her surroundings. It isn't often that a book can make me laugh out loud, but this one has made its way onto my short list. So enthralled was I with this book, that I finished reading it in record time.

I was most impressed by the Canadiana within the novel. Set in Calgary, and talking of loonies and twoonies (Canadian one and two dollar coins), Canadian Idol, and the extremely fitting mention of Tom Thomson of the group of seven. All of that is so refreshing from the all too common settings of New York City or London, England, found in countless novels.

This book has something for everyone. Funny and familiar characters, romance, love, sex, the arts, financial strains and gains, the feeling of being lost, and then of finding one's way. You'll definitely laugh, and maybe even cry.

We thank Karen for such a wonderful review!
The Still Life of Hannah Morgan has received a 4 cup review over at Coffee Time Romance! Four cups is an Outstanding Great Read: You'll enjoy this book very much. This book should be at the top of your list.

This is not a quick read; the author writes a very detailed and emotional account of Hannah’s life. Her life is not grand or exciting, at least at first, but it is very involving, and I could not wait to see what would happen to her next. I got very involved with Hannah and Jas’ lives, friends, work, and families.

Read the whole review here.
15th-Nov-2008 07:56 pm - Two New Releases for November
Released just today....

The Piper by Sharon Michaels

It is agreed then. The piper will enter Duntrune and spy out their garrison….

With those words, a man’s fate is decided.

It is the year 1642. Colla Coitach, Chieftain of Clan Donald of Colonsay, seeks to wrest his ancestral home from his enemy, the Campbells, and Duncan MacArthur, Colla’s personal piper, is sent to spy out the enemy garrison in advance of Colla’s impending raid. Young and inexperienced, tossed into a dangerous world where every word from his mouth is either a complete lie or a mangled half truth, Duncan strives to keep suspicious Campbell eyes from his true purpose while he seeks to do his master’s will.


Genre: Historical


Off Track by Michael J. Hultquist

What kind of cowboy do you want to be?

At 12 years old, Gary Sanderson found himself in the oppressive juvenile detention facility for boys called “Radcliffe.” But at 16, he has a chance to start over in a new town with his foster parents, Don and Gail Morgan. He hopes to build a new and “normal” life, but the past catches up to him as the problems of a small town erupt all around him.


Genre: Mainstream
2nd-Nov-2008 08:58 pm - October Slush & Other Announcements
We are sad to see a few staff members leave for personal reasons: Audrey (content ed) and Sarah (marketing). We will miss them greatly and wish them well.

We are pleased to welcome back Sharon Partington in a new capacity: Business Manager and Author Liaison. She will help with much of the day-to-day operations of Lilley, is the contact for customer service and care, and will serve as a liaison for authors who need someone outside of the editorial staff.

We also get to welcome a new content editor: Lisa Jackson! Lisa is an experienced fiction editor and freelance writer, and we feel quite lucky to have her!

Slush for October....

Total Submissions: 9
Made It Past Acquisitions: 1
Total Accepted: 0
Total Rejected: 10 (1 from September)
Total Rejected for Guidelines Issues: 2
Still Being Considered: 0

Submission Breakdown by Genre:
Science Fiction: 6
Literary: 2
Paranormal: 1

Finally, good luck to everyone who is participating in NaNoWriMo this month!
As of this month, Lilley Press is expanding the genres it focuses on to include Horror and Historical fiction! Remember, we're willing to look at just about anything, but we're primarily interested in the following:

» Paranormal Romance
» Speculative Fiction such as Magical Realism, Cyberpunk, Fantasy, Science Fiction, etc.
» Horror
» Mainstream (Contemporary)
» Historical
» Young Adult

Please do NOT send the following:

» "Fan Fiction" or stories with copyrighted characters or worlds.
» Erotica.
» Plays.
» Poetry.
» Short Story Collections.
» Nonfiction.
» Religious Material*.
» Children's Fiction**.

* Religion can be a part of a character's life, but should not be a part of the foundation for the story unless the religion is completely made up and has no basis in those currently practiced.

** Considering our word count minimums, this would make sense, but we have gotten a few submissions of children's books and children's picture books, so the addition seemed necessary.

For more information on how to submit, please read our submission guidelines here: http://www.lilleypress.com/submissions.php.
2nd-Nov-2008 12:40 am - Call for Holiday Stories for 2009
Lilley Press would like to do a special release of holiday related novellas and short novels!

Word length: 25-80,000 words max

Genres: Paranormal Romance; Speculative Fiction such as Magical Realism, Cyberpunk, Fantasy, Science Fiction, etc; Mainstream (Contemporary); Young Adult. We DO consider other genres as well, but these are what we prefer to work with.

DO NOT send "Fan Fiction" or stories with copyrighted characters or worlds; Erotica; Plays; Poetry; or Nonfiction.

We want strong plots and characters and all stories must relate to/feature the holidays. Accepted novels will be released late November/early December 2009.

DEADLINE: January 31, 2009.

For more information on how to submit, please read our guidelines here: http://www.lilleypress.com/submissions.php

Please be aware, we take formatting very seriously and WILL return any submission that has not followed our guidelines.

Anyone who wishes to post this notice elsewhere may do so. :)
10th-Oct-2008 02:59 am - Covey Nomination!
Lilley Press is very excited to announce the nomination of the Harmonica & Gig trailer for a Covey Award!

Special congrats goes to Sarah Wagner, creator of the trailer, and RJ Astruc, H&G's author. Up until recently, Sarah served as Lilley's marketing director. She recently resigned for personal reasons, and we're going to miss her greatly, but we're very happy to see her hard work here at Lilley recognized!

Voting hasn't opened yet, but we hope everyone who likes the book and the trailer will weigh in once it does.

Again, congrats Sarah and Ms. Astruc!
6th-Oct-2008 03:36 pm - September: On The Quieter Side
We finally have a catalogue! Still needs some tweaking, but you can find it here: The LP Catalogue.

Slush for September....

Total Submissions: 13
Made It Past Acquisitions: 3
Total Accepted: 0
Total Rejected: 14 (2 from August)
Total Rejected for Guidelines Issues: 5
Still Being Considered: 1

Submission Breakdown by Genre:
Fantasy: 3
Science Fiction: 4
Children's Picture Books: 1
Horror: 1
Humor: 2
Mainstream: 1

In other news: 2 books getting prepped so far for our November release. We hope to have at least 1 or 2 more to join them, plus we have one early December holiday release in process. We're very excited about all our new books, so be sure to keep an eye out for more information!
1st-Sep-2008 08:14 pm - Busy August
It's been quite a month for us here at LP. Our first books are out and selling, we've added a few new editors, and we have a number of books being worked on for the next 2 release dates. The first will come in mid-November. We think it is wiser to release quarterly until we're releasing enough books to make more frequent releases worth it. The second release will be a single novella for the holidays in early December. We're already planning to give more time for the Holiday Call next year.

And the slush didn't slow down at all! Here's the stats for August....

Total Submissions: 22
Total Accepted: 1 (1 from July)
Total Rejected: 22 (2 from July)
Total Rejected for Guidelines Issues: 6
Still Being Considered: 2

Submission Breakdown by Genre:
Fantasy: 3
Science Fiction: 2
YA: 5
Mainstream: 2
Contemporary: 1
Romance: 1
Paranormal Romance: 2
Thriller: 2
Religious: 1
Holidays: 3

We're starting to see an influx of religious material (I have a few sitting in my box for September already) and, after some discussion, we've decided that we will not be accepting such material in the future. Religion can be a part of a character's life, but should not be a part of the foundation for the story.
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