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December Stats 
7th-Jan-2009 11:43 am
Running a bit late this month...holiday recovery! December was a quiet month, but it also saw a surge in rejections based on not following guidelines. The slush slow down was probably a good thing, however, as most of the staff was very busy with their holiday plans. ;)

Total Submissions: 7
Made It Past Acquisitions: 1 (1 from November)
Total Accepted: 0
Total Rejected: 9 (2 from November)
Total Rejected for Guidelines Issues: 4
Still Being Considered: 1 (1 from November)

Submission Breakdown by Genre:
Fantasy: 4
Nonfic: 1
Spec Fic: 1
Unknown: 1

What was probably most disappointing about the rejections based on guidelines is that most of them were repeat offenders. They'd sent manuscripts to us before and had been rejected for the exact same reasons they were rejected this time.
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