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November Stats & Special Release 
3rd-Dec-2008 11:21 am
We've been quite busy at LP getting ready for a very special release! More on that in just a minute. First, our November slush stats!

Total Submissions: 14
Made It Past Acquisitions: 3
Total Accepted: 0
Total Rejected: 11
Total Rejected for Guidelines Issues: 8
Still Being Considered: 3

Submission Breakdown by Genre:
Historical: 4
Science Fiction: 4
Horror: 1
Unknown: 1

Why an unknown? Because in addition to sending the wrong file format, the author failed to fill out the subject line as requested. Since we don't open anything except rtf files, if the subject line of the email is incorrectly written, we can only go by the information given. It was quite a surprise that rejections based on guidelines issues were so high—it's been much less of a problem until this past month.

On Saturday, December 5, we're releasing a single title for the holidays. We're very excited to bring you this novella by V. G. Ford!

Snow by V. G. Ford

The phone rang just as Nikki Jeffries came in the kitchen door, her arms piled high with shopping bags. She dropped the entire mess on the island, stripped off her gloves, and dug her cell phone out of her pocket, frowning at the number that flashed insistently at her. “Damn, what now?”

She flipped open the phone. “Please tell me I don’t have to kill someone this week for you. It’s Christmas!”

When an Earth Lord goes missing nine days before Christmas, the Reweaving ritual is compromised, threatening the very stability of the World Walls. With only two days remaining to salvage the ritual, Nikki Jeffries, the Horseman Death, must find the Earth Lord. But who can she trust? Enemies come in many shapes, and Nikki will need to trust her instincts as she unravels the mystery of Lucia's disappearance.

Genre: Fantasy

Be watching for the release of Snow, a what if story based in Ford's Horseman universe, on December 5!
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